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Journalism writes!

20th April, 2010. 6:35 pm. volunteer editor needed)(cammee)

hello everybody,
i am a journalism student from Ukraine. i have an idea to make this PDF magazine http://issuu.com/ukmajournalist/docs/poludenko-design-2009/1 this was the first issue (trial version) i did everything myself and i see that to make it work i need an editor- english native speaker.
that would be a good working experience, something to add to the portfolio and probably in some time it might become profitable.
If anyone is interested you are more than welcome to write me.
Thank you,

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31st October, 2004. 1:09 pm.(blackscribe)

So picked the wrong practicum. Not that I haven't learned anything, or that I don't enjoy it. I just realized what it is I want out of a journalism job, and that's to write. Plain and simple. I need a practicum where they let me write until words dribble out of my ears. Sorry for the graphic detail.

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15th September, 2004. 1:55 pm.(papa_ratzi)

Hey all, w00t journalism!

i'm in Copy editing write now, (heh write!)

well i guess i should do work, TTYL

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